Do You Get in a Funk with Your Crafting?

Do you get in a funk with your crafting and just can't seem to get anything done?  Well, that's me and I've been this way for quite a while.  Ever since I was diagnosed with my breast cancer and finished treatment, I've been a bit depressed.  It's a side effect but I surely thought I'd be out of it by now.  Please be patient with me and I will get back into making cards soon.

I've also been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.  With that, I get shooting pain in my jaw.  I've been dealing with that for about 3 years and have just been diagnosed.  I've been given a medication (anti-seizure) and we are working on getting the correct dose.  This medication makes me sleepy and I think it is contributing to my depression/craft funk.  I will be seeing my neurologist in a month or so and will check with him about whether it is.

I feel sure I'll be better by the first of the year.