Notes from the Beach

I am at the beach (Ponce Inlet, FL) for the month of June so will probably not be posting as often as I usually do.  My daughter and her family have been here all week and I wanted to spend time with them.  They are leaving today so I'll be able to clear off the dining room table and play with my new products that arrived this week.  I need to get Father's Day cards made for my hubby and my dad.

Speaking of my dad... he really scared us this week.  He had to go to the hospital with shortness of breath (he had a touch of pneumonia) and came home in horrible shape the next day.  We truly thought he was dying!  They gave him some medication that lowered his blood pressure and he collapsed.  I really think he would have died if we hadn't gotten him into his recliner and gotten his feet up.  At the hospital he overheard some nurses talking about him and believed he was dying.  We couldn't convincde him otherwise.  And then yesterday a nurse came to check on him (we had called in hospice because we thought him dying) and she was so surprised at how well he had recovered.  She's now convinced him he's not dying anytime soon.  It's nice that my dad lives at the beach so I can spend time with him plus enjoy the beach!  I know my time with him is limited (he's almost 98) so I'm happy to be able to spend time down here with him.

I'll be sharing the Father's Day cards I make later this week so check back!